Sign up for a Twitter account

Another great social networking site out there is Twitter. Twitter is unique because you only have 140 characters to write in. I like this because people are short and to the point. They don't have enough characters to drone on. I can easily find links and other information. Sometimes I hear about things faster on there than I do on the news! It is a great way to socialize and connect with people. Below is another YouTube tutorial on how to set up a Twitter account. This one is just over 2 minutes long.

Another word of warning - be interesting! If you are always writing about your sales or your business opportunity it gets old really quick. Same thing if you are always posting about what you are eating or doing in your day. Try to include useful links, tips, inspirational quotes, a few of your sales, etc. Mix it up. If you need a friend, my username is @time4felt - I would love to add you!


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