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Last night, I had the incredible opportunity to be a guest speaker on a teleclass for Juice Plus.  It was a great call about NOW women where I was able to share some great information about this great group.
During the call we spoke a little about a great tool that I am using to help plant the recruiting seed quickly and in a way that people remember and relate to. 
Because this is working SO well for me in my business I wanted to share what I have found.  It is a wonderful product that can be found on The Booster site.  That link will go straight to the page where the $100 bill is waiting for you!

Jenny has a little message you can listen to about this that is great and gave me the inspiration to say what I do.  I say- "May I give you something?  I have been really impressed by you and your (insert compliment...personality, way with people, etc) and I think you would be great at what I do.  I can help you make it real.  I will ask you to just put it in your purse and when the time is right for you, give me a call. "

It is that simple, but the results have been amazing.  I use this all the time.  I even had a door-to-door sales-woman come to my house the other day and eventhough I didn't buy what she was selling, I sure gave her one of those! 

This is great for the grocery store, in line at the movies, at home parties or events...the possibilities are endless.  You will be planting a seed that will definately grow in their hearts, and I believe that people will respond to it because it is so simple! 

I would love to hear about success stories you have had using this, so please email me when you have one to share!!


Deb Bixler said...

You are so right! Anytime you make a compliment to someone, you are opening the door for them to be more receptive for anything you offer. Take that a step further and when you hear someone compliment YOU, then offer back. For example they say:
"This was the most fun I ever had at a party demo!"
You say: "Thank you, I love doing this. You have the perfect personality to do what I do, may I give you...."

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